Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ups and Downs Of a Pixie Cut

I have always always ALWAYS loved short hair. Yet I haven't had short hair since grade 8/9 where I had the front long and the back all spiky, and then I opted out for an AWESOME fohawk and loved how it made me feel. I felt more confident, vibrant and overall just "sassy" if that's the word you want to call it. If you have long hair, and you cut it off, it feels sad to part with hair you've had your whole life but at the same time, it's mighty liberating.

The Ups and Downs of The Pixie Cut

  1. Most importantly, you will now have anywhere from 1-3" on your head, and most likely you'll be looking like a little pretty boy, as pixie cuts can be masculine as well. If you have a girlish looking face, your not so bad, but if you have a boyish type of face, just try to make sure you put on a decent amount of makeup before heading out. 
  2. As for the liberation thing, think about it. My showers have been drastically cut in half, because it takes me 3 minutes to shampoo AND condition my hair. Before it was like 10 minutes just to shampoo, wash it out, and then spend another 10 minutes conditioning and making sure I saturated my hair enough and then wash it all out and then put my repair creme in (cause i like to color my hair, A LOT) in high school my hair was a different color(s) like every two weeks, was AWESOME haha. And when you get out of the shower, you don't have to spend hours blow drying your hair, you towel dry for 5 minutes, throw some pomade/wax into your hair and your ready for the day. BRILLIANT! I am so for this. Especially now I don't have to spend an hour straightening my hair anymore, takes me 30 seconds to style my hair, It's golden. 
  3. Do NOT wear any boyish clothing anymore. Which means no more Jeans with boring t-shirts. You want this pixie cut, your wardrobe has to change just as much as your hair. Which means wearing more stuff that looks like this. 

Over all, I think the pixie cut is an amazing hairstyle, especially for someone like me who is a mother of two kids. I barely had anytime in the mornings to myself and am always rushing around throughout the day, but now when i do my hair and makeup people focus more on my face because it's not hidden by my hair or comment on how nice my eyes and facial features look because well, they can see them now haha. Of course this cut comes with a multitude of sacrifices. You won't be able to braid it, put it up in top knots or curl it, wave it back in forth to grab a cute guys attention or play with it when your nervous. It's GONE all of it. Yet you will have something not everyone will. A Daring, cute, and sassy hair-do that many will be afraid to even think about doing, and not only that, it'll send out a signal of "look at me, I'm bad-ass and I know it". Go ahead, try something different, be daring, be confident, and make a huge statement for those around you. You don't know till you give it a go, and hey, if you don't like the pixie, wait a month, get some extensions and act like nothing ever happened haha

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